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MEDSNIPER Videolaryngoscope

Referencia: SN1.0


The Sniper device is a single-use videolaryngoscope manufactured by Medsniper and distributed by Temena with an adjustable tip designed for better visualization and management of the airway.

The movement of the device tip can be manually controlled during the videolaryngoscopy procedure. TET insertion during the intubation procedure is safely guided through the central channel of the device.

– One-size-fits-all: The adjustable part allows the Sniper to be used on a wide range of adults.
– A-traumatic: thanks to its design it reduces the loads on anatomical structures
– 3D printed: device manufactured with 3D printing and ultralight materials.
– Battery-free: minimized costs and environmental friendliness
– Single-use: reduced risk of infection
– Polyuse HD monitor: the USB cable of the video camera allows to record videos and photos.

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