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Hybrid B needle – 21G x 80 mm

Ref. EHB080-21

Referencia: Hyperechogenic needle with stimulation 21G x 80 mm


The EVOLUTION Hybrid B needle is a unique injection cannula with a 30° bevel designed to combine the technique of nerve stimulation and peripheral blocks under ultrasound. The surface treatment of the steel allows a smooth glide within the tissues and a precise stimulation through the needle tip that does not interfere with the ultrasound visualization.


– Ergonomic injected handle (mono-bloc) reduces the risk of leakage.
– Equipped with a 600 mm extension with Luer connection and an electric cable.
– Centimeter marking every 10 mm to check the insertion depth.
– Monopolar cable compatible with all neurostimulators on the market.


– High visibility from different angles (360º) and depths.
– Low penetration force which reduces patient’s pain.
– Direct visualization of local anesthetic diffusion.

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