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Our Medical Products

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Loco-Regional Anesthesia

Loco-Regional Anesthesia

Loco-Regional Anesthesia

Loco-Regional Anesthesia

SNIPER Videolaryngoscope

The Sniper device is a single-use videolaryngoscope manufactured by Medsniper and distributed by Temena with an adjustable tip designed for better visualization and management of the airway.

Sniper is the ideal tool to support physicians and medical operators: its design and features allow controlled and atraumatic procedures.

DIN EN ISO 13485 certified

Custom medical devices custom-made

Temena GmbH specializes in the custom production of medical devices for anesthesiology and ophthalmology for various entities. We offer a comprehensive approach, covering all manufacturing processes from product development to assembly, custom packaging and sterilization.

We are partners of Transmed

Together we form Temena Group. You can also see the entire line of Transmed products by accessing their website.