About Temena Group

Temena Group is originally an European multinational founded in 1985 that manufactures high quality medical devices with maximum innovation, thanks to its techno-medical development and collaboration with industry leaders and professionals.

Temena manufactures its products in its own facilities in Germany and it has a direct distribution network with warehouses and offices in Spain, France and Italy, along with a wide distribution network in 5 continents that meets the needs of the market in over 35 countries.

Composed by several companies and professionals specialized in the sector, Temena is currently positioned in the market as one of the most prestigious and specialized entities in Regional Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

With a comprehensive control in different production processes, Temena offers a wide range of products that cover different areas of Regional Anaesthesia and Analgesia. Quality, exclusivity and patents on its products are backed by clinical studies that prove it.

Temena Anesthesia and Analgesia

Since Temena’s beginnings in 1985, Temena Group products are marketed under Polymedic ® trademark.

On the occasion of expansion of the company, TEMENA and Polymedic® images, independent until 2010, the designation of products with the company was unified, thus changing its corporate image and giving way to a new stage: Temena Group.

Temena Spain.
Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Almeria (Spain), it is the oldest headquarters of Temena Group Company. Temena S.A. is in charge of the Spanish market, and like the rest of Temena Group companies, it is compatible with the I+D+I department from Temena GmbH.

Temena France
Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Carrières Sur Seine (France), Temena S.A.S is the main logistics platform of Temena Group and it is supported by the I+D+I department from Temena GmbH. Temena France is responsible for the French market as well as the distribution of our products worldwide.

Temena Germany
Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Felsberg-Gensungen (Germany), Temena Germany is one of the pillars of Temena Group, allowing own manufacture and thus having maximum flexibility to meet the needs of our market. Temena Germany has an own I+D+I Department that is constantly working on new products and techniques, in collaboration with anaesthesiologists for better performance and final result of our products.

Temena Italy
Temena SRL is the newest division of the group; founded in late 2010, it is in charge of the Italian market and it is supported by the I+D+I from Temena GmbH

Infographic Polymedic

Temena Group is a business group committed to the techno-medical development, so, this is why over the years it has always sought professional scientific collaborations in this sector by promoting this way our scientific commitment.

Scientific collaboration with Professor Borgeat from the University of Zurich and the University Hospital Balgrist (Zürich), specifically; collaboration in trauma to the development and advancement of new techniques for peripheral blocks resulting in the Polyplex CT set, a set for continuous peripheral nerve blocks with continuous stimulation that contains a catheter, and a stimulating needle with a bevel of 20° plus an intravenous cannula significantly shorter than Polyplex C.

Scientific collaboration with Professor Marhofer from the University of Vienna (Austria) in developing new echogenic products under the effect of ultrasound.

Scientific collaboration with Professor Kapral from the University of Linz (Austria) with whom we created educational videos about different techniques on peripheral blocks under ultrasound effects.

Scientific collaboration with Dr. Rodiera in the development of Rodiera’s Needle, an epidural needle designed to offer a good relationship between drag and ease of penetration. And in the development of LOR Syringes, which stand out for presenting a centring ring which makes impossible an unintentional removal of the cylinder piston.

Temena, specialists in regional anesthesia and analgesia. leaders in innovation

Temena Group is a business group committed to society; therefore, it devotes much of its work to collaboration with several centres and professionals to train users with the products and the mutual enrichment of knowledge, leading new opportunities for technical exchange among professionals and techno-medical advances.

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