Video referent to subgluteal nerve block

The items to be considered on the following video are:

  • Block characteristic: Intermediate technique
  • Patient position: Supine, 90º flexed hip and knee or lateral, 45º flexed hip or prone position
  • Ultrasound equipment: Linear probe, 38 mm
  • Specific ultrasound setting: High – medium frequency
  • Important anatomical structures: Adductor magnus muscle,

Video referent to obturator nerve block

The items to be considered on the following video are:

  • Block Characteristic: Intermediate technique
  • Patient Position: Supine, outside rotated leg
  • Ultrasound equipment: Linear Probe
  • Specific Ultrasound Setting: High Frequency
  • Important anatomical Structure: Pectineus, long and short adductor muscles
  • Ultrasound appearance of the neuronal structures: Hyperechoic,

Ultrasonography Guided Lower Extremity Blocks

Infographics that help us understand the use of USB and USC needles

  • The USB (30º Bevel needles for peripheral nerves blocks under ultrasound guidance) for the research of muscular nerve sheaths was conceived so you can observe them clearly – whilst moving through the tissues – on the screen of an ultra sound machine thanks to a surface treatment of the steel tubing.