Spinal anaesthesia

REGANESTH and Temena single-injection spinal needles are elliptical conical-shaped with a lateral oval orifice made of medical-grade, silicon-plated stainless steel that reduces friction upon injection.


  • Signaling of distal needle opening
  • Ergonomic design for convenient handling
  • Magnifying effect for better visualization of the arrival of the CSF


  • The atraumatic pencil point reduces risks of injury to tissues and nerves.
  • Reduced post-puncture headaches.
  • Rounded lateral opening near the tip to prevent intra-spinal positioning errors.


Frequently Asked Questions

This product is available with a neuroaxial connection based on the ISO 80369-6 standard that differs from the Luer connector and is 20% larger and 20% larger. This connector is designed for possible confusions between the two connectors that are destined for a different route to the neuroaxial.

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