Epidural anaesthesia

Tuohy single-injection epidural needles provide high precision in their localisation of the epidural space, providing clear tissue perception during insertion.

Tuohy needles incorporate a centimetric marking on the medical-grade steel tube that controls the depth of the needle penetration.

This product is equipped with a transparent ergonomic handle that facilitates use.

Length available: from 17 g to 21 g

Size available: from 45 mm to 150 mm

Product available in set with epidural catheter

For more information, please contact your trusted distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions

This product is available with a neuroaxial connection based on the ISO 80369-6 standard that differs from the Luer connector and is 20% larger and 20% larger. This connector is designed for possible confusions between the two connectors that are destined for a different route to the neuroaxial.

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