Accessories and bloc

All the products in Temena sets also sold separately.

  • Block Needle

Single injection needle with 45° bevel for performing emergency tactile blocks without stimulation.

  • Chiba biopsy needles

Aspiration needle for cytological examination or single-injection biopsy made of medical-grade, silicone-plated stainless steel with Luer connection.

  • Catheter

Polyamide (PA) epidural anaesthesia catheter with closed distal tip, perforations with helical distribution and centimetric marking.

  • Extension line

Extension cable for local anaesthesia made of polyethylene with Luer connection that blocks ultraviolet rays.

  • 2 μ filter

Single-use particulate filter made of polysulfone for bacteria retention

  • Transafix fixing strap

Single-use product for fixing catheters and tubes.

  • TBA connector

The Tuohy Borst Adapter allows the connection of a multiperforated or epidural catheter to a product with Luer connection.


Set of accessories for performing locoregional anaesthesia


Set of accessories for performing peripheral blocks under ultrasound


Product available with Luer and NXFit connection

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