Spinal anaesthesia

The REGANESTH single-injection spinal needles distributed exclusively by Temena Group are elliptical conical-shaped, spinal needle cannulas with a lateral oval orifice made of medical-grade, silicon-plated stainless steel that reduces friction upon injection. HUB FEATURES Signalling of distal needle opening Ergonomic design for convenient handling Magnifying effect for better visualisation of the arrival of the CSF […]


Champ Medical device for immobilizing the pelvis, hip, femur and tibia near the knee. This device allows you to place, immobilize and stabilize the affected limb by aligning the bone fracture during the patience removal and transfer to the hospital. Adjustable pelvic belt in 3 sizes: L, M, S. Removable and telescopic traction guide Pads […]

Accessories and bloc

All the products in Temena sets also sold separately. Block Needle Single injection needle with 45° bevel for performing emergency tactile blocks without stimulation. Chiba biopsy needles Aspiration needle for cytological examination or single-injection biopsy made of medical-grade, silicone-plated stainless steel with Luer connection. Catheter Polyamide (PA) epidural anaesthesia catheter with closed distal tip, perforations […]