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MedTandem – Mentor a day, Trainee forever

MedTandem – The mentoring social network that is rewarding for physicians. With medTandem, you can be a mentor and a trainee.

This new virtual platform is characterized by:

  • Exclusively for physicians. Still limited to three specialties: anesthesia, emergency medicine, orthopedics, the platform should address all specialties by early 2017.
  • You can find mentors that fit your needs. Browse peers’ recommendations and trainees’ comments, and find a mentor with experience in teaching, an expert in a specific field, or a colleague with many years of experience.
  • An insurance for training: MACSF. Train with 4 hands with your mentor at bedside. MACSF cover you throughout Tandem training.
  • It’s a rewarding platform. Transmit your knowledge and become a mentor on medTandem, for recognition and for monetary compensation

Launched at an annual anesthesia congress in Paris in late September, the platform wants to get out of the system of training from doctors paid by the medical industry, recorded “twenty entries per day,” according Elodie Baer .

Three tandems” were already in place, she said, and the first training for learning “Ultrasound-guided eye blocks” will be held in late November in a clinic of Bordeaux with a doctor who came from the region of Paris to form.

Elodie Baer, “the French medical sector remains one of the best in the world. By creating a network of training, it’s also become a leading training center “, not only for doctors in France, but also, she hopes, for those abroad. And, ultimately, to “benefit at the earliest patients” of new medical technologies.

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Source: 20minutes