The Neuraxiale NRFit™ connector was designed according to ISO 80369-6 to prevent the use of counterfeit intravenous medications, preventing their unintended connection with any connection intended for a route of administration other than neuroaxial.

According to ISO 80369-6, all products concerning the spine, the cerebral ventricles and the epidural, extra-epidural or epidural space, and which are offered with the LUER connector, must gradually integrate the NRFit ™ connector.

What is this specific connection for?
The NRFit™ connector is a single connection; its dimensions and configuration make cross-connections with LUER connectors impossible, which reduces the risk of error.

Why to choose a product with a NXFit connection?

• Is safer for patient and user
• Unable to connect error

Which Temena products are affected by ISO 80369-6?

• Spinal Anesthesia Needles
• Needles for Epidural Anesthesia
• Combined perirachi anesthesia sets
• Needles for peripheral nerve blocks
• Sets for peripheral nerve blocks
• Catheters for scar infiltration
• LOR (Lock and Slip) Syringes
• Accessories: Filter, TBA, Youth Extension

Differences between NRFit connection and LUER connection:

• NRFit™ connector is 20% narrower than LUER connector
• NRFit™ connector is 30% longer than LUER connector

Identification of NRFit Temena products:

In order to adapt our products to the ISO 80369-6 standard, we had developed the NXFit product range. This range of products is characterized by its easy identification thanks to a label on the outer packaging and on the blister.

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