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MedTandem – The mentoring social network that is rewarding for physicians. With medTandem, you can be a mentor and a trainee.

This new virtual platform is characterized by:

  • Exclusively for physicians. Still limited to three specialties: anesthesia, emergency medicine, orthopedics, the platform should address all specialties by early 2017.
Bloqueos nerviosos bajo ultrasonido

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound guided

Advantage of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia methods.

  • High success rate
  • Safe performance of blocks
  • Direct visualization of neuronal and adjacent anatomical structures
  • Direct visualization of needle placement and spread of local anesthetics
  • The individual blocks are cheaper in comparison with other techniques in regional anesthesia
  • Amortization of high standard ultrasound equipment after 2500 blocks due to high success rates (with very low conversion rates to alternative anesthesia methods),

Video referent to Popliteal Sciatic Nerve Block

The items to be considered on the following video are:

  • Block characteristic: Intermediate technique
  • Patient position: Supine, hip and knee flexed, pillow under the ankle
  • Ultrasound equipment: Linear probe, 38 mm
  • Specific ultrasound setting: High frequency
  • Important anatomical structures: Biceps and semi-membranosus muscles, popliteal vessels
  • Ultrasound appearance of the neuronal structures: Main sciatic nerve: hyperechoic,

Ultrasonography Guided Lower Extremity Blocks

Infographics that help us understand the use of USB and USC needles

  • The USB (30º Bevel needles for peripheral nerves blocks under ultrasound guidance) for the research of muscular nerve sheaths was conceived so you can observe them clearly – whilst moving through the tissues – on the screen of an ultra sound machine thanks to a surface treatment of the steel tubing.
Ultra Fast-Track en hernioplastia inguinal

Ultra Fast-Track in inguinal hernia repair


Inguinal hernia surgery is a very common surgical procedure in our country, representing about 15% of all surgical procedures performed in the field of general surgery in adults. It is a relatively simple procedure, and with an increasingly frequent trend toward its inclusion in outpatient surgical programmes so the anaesthesia strategy employed becomes very relevant.

Bloc interscalénique

Interscalene block for necrotising fasciitis surgery in ASA IV patient


Regional anaesthesia is presented as an alternative to general anaesthesia offering better control of postoperative pain and a shorter anaesthetic recovery time, although not without complications. These benefits are of great importance in patients with high comorbidity where general anaesthesia may pose a high risk.

The brachial plexus block at interscalene level is one of the most commonly used techniques for upper limb surgery.