With thirty-five years of experience in the industry, Temena is committed to developing products that boost user and patient safety, thereby reaffirming its customers’ confidence.

Bespoke products

Temena GmbH specialises in the bespoke production of medical devices for various entities.

Temana Products

The Temena catalogue has more than three hundred items tailored to meet the demands of the ALR market.

Certified distributors

Temena products are available in more than forty countries thanks to the firm’s close collaboration with certified distributors.

NXFit, a safer connection

The NXFit neuroaxial connection has been designed in accordance with ISO 80369-6 to prevent an incorrect route connection, reduce the risk of confusion between the different connectors intended for a pathway other than the neuroaxial, and guarantee more safety for the user and the patient.

In accordance with our commitment to development and safety, Temena Group has adapted

all its ALR products to this new standard, thereby making the transition easier for users.